For transporting passengers, bulk liquids or powders, railcar manufacturers turn to Constellium for aluminium materials and solutions that combine lightness, strength, durability and ease of manufacturing.

Lightness, strength and durability

Economic development and environmental concerns are leading to a huge global expansion and modernization of rail networks and rolling stock.

Our lightweight aluminium solutions give rail vehicle manufacturers a competitive advantage for producing light and energy-efficient railcars. This enables railcar manufacturers to supply their customers with vehicle solutions capable of fulfilling customers’ specific needs, providing sustainable and cost-effective trains for passenger and freight wagons.

Our railway offer

We have a comprehensive railway-specific offer, developed through more than 40 years of experience with references worldwide.  

  •  Semi-finished products such as structural extrusions, sheets, plates and castings
  •  Just-in-Time delivery of customized sub-assemblies, components, CNC-parts and accessories to the customers’ production plants.
  • Multi-material components and solutions that incorporate design support and engineering
  •  Full technical support

Our specialized engineers and production plants work hand‑in‑hand with our world-class R&D center. Using a multi-material approach, we combine aluminium products with composites and other materials to create modern, hybrid train designs.


At Constellium, safety is a top priority. We develop crash-resistant vehicle structures that are tailor-made to our customers’ specifications. Regardless of the materials or production processes chosen, our solutions facilitate cost-effective manufacturing with minimal impact on the environment.

By continuously improving our organization and technical standards, we maintain the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

We adhere to the latest quality standards in the aluminium and rail industry, such as the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS).

Precision casting for rail applications

Aluminium casting has been successfully used for decades in power train applications. These include engine boxes and structural parts, such as support beams and bogies. Our Ussel, France plant specializes in precision casting – one of the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way of shaping aluminium.

Our engineers collaborate with customers on design and development to provide tailor-made solutions to suit specific needs. For example, we work with customers to create three-dimensional machined and casting models for stress and crash finite element analysis, pouring and chilling simulation, and rapid prototyping on a global basis.

Working closely with Alstom, Constellium engineers co-developed the lightweight castings used in the links between the main carriage bodies of the two-level French high-speed train (TGV).