Life Cycle

Automotive Hoods

We analyzed the effects of using an aluminium car hood produced by Constellium versus a traditional steel version. Assessed by a third party, the LCA showed that GHG emissions of the aluminium hood using our material were 37% lower than for a steel one. The combination of aluminium’s strength and lightness achieves major weight savings and hence lower fuel consumption during use. Its efficient recycling also helps to recover a significant part of the initial investment.

Download detailed LCA for automotive hoods

Aluminium can

Beverage Cans

We were keen to understand the effects of recycling rates on carbon emissions for cans manufactured with our aluminium. Using real manufacturing data, we proved the importance of increasing end-of-life recycling rates to improve sustainability.

Download detailed LCA for beverage cans

Crash Management Systems

Crash Management Systems

We expanded our car component assessments to include the extruded and machined parts in Crash Management Systems (CMS). The results show that over a full life cycle, the aluminium product led to significantly less GHG emissions than its steel counterpart.

Download detailed LCA for Crash Management Systems