Constellium’s technology centers ensure that we stay at the forefront of alloy development, process design and product solutions.

Auto Body Sheet

C-TEC: A World-Class Facility

C-TEC, our cutting-edge technology center in Voreppe, France, covers the entire automotive value chain. C-TEC works in partnership with universities and laboratories around the world, as well as with OEM development teams. At C-TEC, more than 200 international research scientists and technicians take advantage of the latest equipment to provide:

  • R&D analysis, including microscopic analysis of alloy structures
  • Numerical modelization of customer forming processes
  • Full prototyping of Constellium and customer processes across casting, finishing, and anodizing operations

All of our development projects involve our plants from the beginning, for a smooth transition from research to industrialization.

Plymouth, MI: Proximity to Customers in the U.S.

In addition to C-TEC, our new R&D hub in Plymouth, MI, supports our growth in North America and helps us meet the increasing needs of our automotive customers. Located near Detroit in the auto industry heartland, the hub keeps us close to our key automotive customers.

Partnering with our customers

With its modelization capacities, Constellium is particularly well positioned to work closely with customers in the car model design stage. Through teamwork, we help OEMs find the best light-weighting solutions for their closure and body in white parts. This results in an impressive portfolio of cutting edge solutions for light-weighting programs:

  • Surfalex®: our high quality surface coils & sheets for skins and visible outers, with higher strength and higher formability options
  • Securalex®: our high crash performance solutions with higher strength options
  • Strongalex® & Ultralex®: our high strength and ultra high strength coils & sheets for demanding parts such as the B Pillar
  • Formalex®: our solutions for deep stamped parts with the Formalex® Remote option for remote laser welding

Automotive Structures

Constellium University Technology Center: Dedicated to Development

Open since April 2016, the Constellium University Technology Center (UTC) at Brunel University London is our dedicated center for the design, development, rapid prototyping and testing of aluminium alloys, extrusions and automotive structural components.

Featuring industrial size aluminium casting and extrusion equipment, the center’s rapid prototyping capability reduces development times by at least 50% for advanced aluminium alloys used in the light-weighting of automotive structural components. Newly developed alloy and process technologies are transferred to Constellium’s extrusion and automotive structures plants worldwide, thereby narrowing the gap between R&D and production.

Local Support for Global Programs

Constellium designs and develops products and processes at our sites in Gottmadingen, Germany, and Van Buren, MI, to support global programs with automakers. These programs include the development of Crash Management Systems, automotive structural components and battery enclosures.

Partnering with our customers at the initial design phase, we offer fast, flexible, comprehensive service from design to delivery.

  • Alloy development and material selection: we base extrusion and product design on automakers’ specifications for packaging, functional features, and performance (weight, strength, stiffness, energy absorption).
  • Rapid prototyping at scale using the same methods as production.
  • Simulation and precision testing for crash, stiffness, towing, assembly, material damage, forming and other processes.
  • Production and delivery: our processes include 2D and 3D bending, stretch forming, welding, machining, laser cutting, heat treatment and inline automated measuring and correcting to achieve precise tolerances.