21 June 2011

Constellium to invest €3.8 million in its plants of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Saint Florentin in 2011 to improve the productivity of its French Extrusion activities

Paris, June 21 2011 – Constellium has announced that it will invest close to €3.8 million to enhance the performance and efficiency of its French extrusion sites of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Saint Florentin in order to address increasing demand within the market. Several projects have already started to be implemented as part of this investment program.

The plant of Saint Florentin (department of Yonne), which specializes in high value-added products for industry and the building construction market, will spend close to €1 million to purchase new equipment for the press P2 in order to increase productivity. The new equipment includes lead out table, air quenching device, run out table, hot movable saw and two new pullers, and will reduce the volume of aluminum scrap by about 500 tones. In addition, the modernization of the facility will significantly improve employee work conditions and safety.

The plant of Nuits-Saint-Georges (department of Côte d’Or), which supplies the automotive and industry markets, will invest €800,000 in the renovation of its welding system in order to optimize performance by reducing the volume of scrap. The hot saw stroke and puller machines will be modernized, the cooling table and the stretcher will be moved and the cold saw conveyor lengthened.

“These investments are part of our ongoing program to enhance the performance of our extrusion activities,” said Paul Warton, President of Constellium’s Extrusion and Automotive Structures business unit. “Extrusion is at the heart of Constellium’s strategy. We regularly invest in order to develop in this field and maintain our leader position in France and Europe,” he added.

Further investments will take place before the end of 2011 on the two sites, reaching a total of €2 million invested in Saint-Florentin and €1.8 million in Nuits-Saint-Georges.

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Constellium to invest €3.8 million in its plants

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