20 October 2011

Constellium to explore cooperation opportunities with Sumitomo Light Metal and Sumitomo Corporation

Constellium announced today that its Specialty Sheet division will evaluate business opportunities with Sumitomo Light Metal (SLM) and Sumitomo Corporation. Both Sumitomo Light Metal and Constellium operate aluminium rolling activities with a high level of technical focus and expertise. With a strong presence in their respective home markets (Europe and Japan/Asia), both are leaders in packaging, automotive and other high value added specialty rolled products.

Constellium will continue to look for technical and commercial opportunities to develop and bring innovative products and solutions to market. While the fast-growing automotive segment has already been identified as a particular focus area, Constellium will also investigate other markets in order to better serve its increasingly global customers.

"Together with Sumitomo Light Metal and Sumitomo Corporation, we share the same vision and confidence in rolled aluminium applications' growth for the benefit of our key customers across the globe. We would be delighted to accelerate our development with reputed partners" said Laurent Musy, President of Constellium's Specialty Sheet division.

About Sumitomo Light Metal Industries

Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. (SLM) ranks as Japan’s leading manufacturer of aluminium and copper products, registered in the stock exchange of Tokyo and Osaka, and develops in aluminum field innovative, value added products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including automotive, packaging, energy and building and construction. With 4,500 employees located in 8 countries, SLM generated J.Yen259 billion of revenue in 2010.

About Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation (SC) engages in multifaceted business activities benefitting from their Integrated Corporate Strength, selling a variety of domestic products and services, conducting import/export and trilateral business transactions, providing domestic and international business investment, and participating in numerous other profitable activities facilitated by their global network and the relationships of trust built with corporate business partners and consumers in various industrial sectors around the world. SC is registered in the stock exchange of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. With approximately 5,159 employees in 66 countries, SC generated J.Yen 2,027 (100 millions of yen; US GAAP base) in 2010 of profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent.

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Press Release - Constellium announces cooperation agreements (pdf)
Communiqué de presse - Constellium envisage des coopérations (pdf)

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