16 November 2011

Constellium reinforces its commitment for the expansion of UBC collection in France through the partnership with Canibal

Constellium has signed a multi-year agreement with Canibal (France) to contribute to the development and deployment of a used beverage can (UBC) collection network in France in order to encourage its recycling.

This partnership, which is a part of the value chain of aluminium, aims to support the development of the automated and fun aspect of beverage can “Canibal” collectors / compactors in order to further expand the current French network of UBC collecting equipment in targeted locations and, therefore, to increase their recycling rate.

Consequently, the Constellium’ Specialty Sheet division has agreed to recycle all aluminum cans collected by the Canibal network at its Neuf-Brisach plant.

Neuf-Brisach is the only fully integrated site in Europe with state of the art rolling, finishing and UBC recycling equipments.

Constellium is the European leader in the production of aluminium for rigid packaging including beverage cans, food cans and closures for wines, spirits and mineral water, and is at the forefront of the recovery and recycling of UBCs in collaboration with its customers around the world. Aluminium’s ability to be recycled indefinitely without losing its original properties makes it THE material of choice for can manufacturers.

"By actively participating in this initiative, Constellium is fully committed to promote the collection and recycling of cans. In France, the recycling rate for cans is 51% and 64% across Europe. "said Raphaël Thevenin, Sales and Marketing Director - Aluminium Rigid Packaging. "We need to do more and better in this area," he added.

"With this partnership, we hope to increase consumer awareness and to contribute to the responsible citizen mindset towards recovery and end of life management of cans. From this point of view, aluminium has unique properties, "stated Laurent Musy, President of the Constellium Specialty Sheet business unit. "The simple act of recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium and reduces CO2 emissions in the same proportions."

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Press release - Constellium reinforces its commitment for the expansion of used beverage can collection in France through the pa
Communiqué de presse - Constellium renforce son engagement pour l’expansion de la collecte des canettes en France en partenaria

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