27 January 2012

Constellium’s R&D Center fosters regional development by supporting local SMEs

On January 20th 2012, Constellium’s world-class R&D center (located in Voreppe, France) opened its doors to local SMEs. 50 local businesses were invited to meet Constellium's R&D team to apply as one of the 4 local companies who might benefit from the center’s local economic regeneration program.

This regeneration initiative in the Isère - Pays Voironnais area - within the frame of CRV Services, Constellium's R&D center’s third-parties service offering - is designed to foster the regional business and hopefully to enhance employment creation.

In addition, Constellium’s R&D Center Director, Guy-Michel Raynaud, believes “it is also an innovative way of contributing to the local promotion and development of the aluminium metallurgy”.

About CRV Services

Constellium opened its world-class R&D facilities two years ago to industry third parties looking for thorough support, expertise and resources in multiple aluminium metallurgy demanding projects, whether in process and product solutions programs or in knowledge and training needs.