09 March 2012

Aluminium industry sets out its “Aluminium 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon Europe”

Brussels, 1 March 2012 - The European Aluminium Association (EAA), of which Constellium is an active member, presented “Lightening the load – An Aluminium 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon Europe”. This document is the aluminium industry answer to the March 2011 European Commission’s “Roadmap for moving to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050”.

The Aluminium 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon Europe key take-aways

The aluminium industry plays a strategic role in providing innovative materials for climate protection. In order to help EU achieve its sustainability goals, the aluminium 2050 roadmap includes the following answers to the aluminium industry challenges:

“Lightening the load – An Aluminium 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon Europe” screenshot

  • Electricity: Full compensation for the indirect effect of the Emissions Trading Scheme on electricity prices and long-term baseload electricity contracts;
  • Recycling: Ensure continued growth in recycling and avoid aluminium scrap exports to less emissions-efficient regions;
  • Innovation: Promote and develop an innovation policy enabling the European industry to retain its technological advantage;
  • Transport: Encourage the use of lightweighting technologies in transport to maximise emissions reductions (the use of aluminium in transport, as reductions from vehicle emissions attributable to aluminium lightweighting already save 70 million tonnes of CO2 per annum);
  • Life-cycle: Implement a life-cycle approach in all environmental assessments;
  • Downstream: Maximise the use of aluminium in packaging and increase the use of aluminium in building to maximise emissions reductions through improved energy efficiency.

More about the roadmap:

About European Aluminium Association

The European Aluminium Association, founded in 1981, represents the European aluminium industry from alumina and primary production to semi-finished and end-use products, through to recycling.

Download the press release

Download the EAA document: “Lightening the load – An Aluminium 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon Europe” (PDF)