04 April 2012

Constellium presented aluminium recycling benefits for the aerospace industry

Last week, Constellium presented its latest developments regarding aluminium recycling for the aerospace industry during a media briefing at its Issoire plant.

This press trip was organized in partnership with GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales).

Aluminium recycling at Constellium: an asset for the aerospace industry

Constellium took the opportunity of a media briefing to explain the environmental challenges faced by the aerospace industry today and the advantages related to recycling of aluminium in closed loop so as to keep its properties without any losses. Constellium has a leader role in recycling of aluminium used in aerospace thanks to sorting of alloys, to its innovation activities and to uninterrupted optimization of industrial processes, including pre-machining and partnerships with customers.

Continuous progress

Constellium’s recycling rate for aluminium used in aerospace increased from 68% in 1990 to 77% nowadays, with an objective of 80% in the coming years, putting recycling at the heart of the company’s innovation efforts and manufacturing activities.

Watch the video about the aluminium reycling loop in aerospace

Watch the video about aluminium recycling benefits for aerospace

Industry key-fact

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. If collected properly, it can be reused infinitely without loss of quality. The recycling of the aluminium used in aerospace is all the more important that 12 000 aircrafts will reach their end-of-life within the next 20 years.

About the press event

Aluminium scraps

This press trip, entitled “Aluminium recycling: an asset for the aerospace industry”, was a unique opportunity for Constellium to further inform journalists from leading aerospace and environment publications on aluminium recycling advancements and on the company’s environmental commitment more generally.

The journalists were invited to discuss with keynote Constellium speakers and to visit Issoire industrial activities related to recycling and to the reduction of the environmental footprint during the production of aerospace products. Constellium’s AIRWARETM technology was also presented to the audiences as a major breakthrough to address key challenges of the aerospace sector in terms of sustainable development and recycling.

The media briefing was led by three keynote Constellium speakers, their presentations can be downloaded from here :

Download the press release

Constellium and sustainable development, Applications to the aerospace industry – Christophe Villemin, President of Constellium’
Aluminium recycling and its benefits for the aerospace industry - Bruno Chenal, Innovation and Technology Director for Constelli
Recycling at the heart of Issoire’s activities – Olivier Leducq, Director of Constellium Issoire plant Operations (PDF)