13 April 2012

Constellium partner of two educational videos on solar cookers

Constellium is a key provider of solutions for the development of solar technologies thanks to its Solar Surface® portfolio of reflective aluminium sheets and coils. For a specific application among these technologies, Constellium partnered with EG Solar and Sun & Ice for the production of two educational films on solar cookers.

The educational videos on solar cookers

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EG Solar is a german development aid organization with a worldwide program aiming at reinforcing the awareness, understanding and use of solar cooking.

Sun & Ice is our customer and a manufacturer of solar cookers.

A recognized producer of reflective aluminium sheets and coils used in a number of solar applications, Constellium participated with EG-Solar and Sun & Ice to the production of two videos about solar cookers.

Those videos are designed to be widely spread in order to make as many people as possible aware of the solar cooker's potential.

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The EG Solar film puts the focus on humanitarian activities in developing countries, while the Sun and Ice one shows industrialized countries opportunities to cook and barbecue in a renewable way with a solar cooker.

Constellium’s Solar Surface® solutions’ based on a protective coating technology is optimized for long-term outdoor durability. They are produced in Singen (Germany).

Check out the videos on solar cookers made of Constellium’s reflective aluminium Solar Surface® sheets!


About solar cookers

Solar cookers offer high energy value without negative environmental impact.

They consist of a parabolic mirror which reflects the sun rays in the cooker`s focal point where high temperatures can be reached and enable to heat up water and food.

Solar cookers are particularly useful in areas or villages with little access to energy sources apart from wood. By replacing firewood and charcoal for cooking and boiling water, solar cookers prevent deforestation and soil erosion while helping reducing CO2 emissions. They can also be used for barbecuing in replacement of gas bottles and electricity.

Did you know?

A solar cooker can turn a whole liter of river water into clean drinking water in just 9 minutes!