30 April 2012

Constellium giving insights at the Civil Aviation Manufacturing conference

Constellium will participate to the Civil Aviation Manufacturing conference in Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) on May 8-9th.

About the Civil Aviation Manufacturing conference

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The Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference is a recurring Aviation Week networking event gathering executives, production team leads and engineers from major manufacturing, supply chain and logistics companies.

The conference is organized around several sessions addressing civil aviation manufacturing challenges, opportunities and future.

About Constellium’s participation

With its full range of aerospace lightweight aluminium products and advanced solutions, Constellium is a major partner of civil aircraft manufacturers.

Constellium will be represented by Simon Laddychuk, Vice President Manufacturing of Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industry division. He will participate to the “Mastering Light Weight Materials” session on May 9th, at 10.00 am. The session will highlight how across the industry, manufacturing engineers and operations personnel are adapting to new, lighter weight materials.

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More information on Civil Aviation Manufacturing conference website