27 July 2012

Constellium 2011 activity report is now on air

Think about aluminium.

 Locked inside an atom of aluminium, is a world of opportunities. Constellium’s mission is to unlock that potential and to transform aluminium from a molten metal into a vast range of advanced technology products for our customers.

Innovative ideas are vital for exploring 
the future and the groundbreaking technologies. At Constellium, we constantly strive to give shape to ideas by drawing on our teams of talented experts, our reputation for manufacturing know-how and our close partnerships with customers.

By turning creativity into technology,
we materialize ideas so that our customers from industries including aerospace, automotive and packaging get the high value solutions they are looking for. Throughout this process, our focus is on delivering excellence in everything we do and making sure that
we deliver on our commitments.

It’s all
about dedication and imagination. In action.


Consult Constellium 2011 Activity report

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Constellium Activity Report 2011 (pdf)