02 October 2012

2012 edition of the EAA brochure "Aluminium in cars"

The second edition of the EAA “Aluminium in cars” brochure was released.

Aluminium in cars by EAA

"The average amount of aluminium used per car produced in Europe has reached 140 kg, and aluminium castings, extrusions, forgings and sheets can be found nearly everywhere, including in car bodies, closures, chassis, suspensions and wheels.

Aluminium is the ideal light-weighting material as it allows a weight saving of up to 50% over competing materials in most applications without compromising safety.

Because the average mass of passenger cars has dramatically increased since the 1970′s and because vehicle weight directly impacts fuel consumption, light-weighting is necessary more than ever to reduce CO2 emissions per km at the exhaust pipe."

Source: EAA


Download the press release

EAA brochure Aluminium in cars - 2012 edition (pdf)