22 October 2012

Constellium Prize 2012 of French Academy of Sciences awarded to Dr Jean-Marie Drezet

Dr Jean-Marie Drezet, senior scientist at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) in the Computional Materials Laboratory (LSMX), is the recipent of the Constellium Prize 2012. This award was given to him during the prize ceremony held on October 16 under the Coupole of the Institut de France in Paris.

About Constellium Prize

The Constellium Prize, a yearly award, was given with its new designation for the first time in 2012, following former Pechiney Prize (created in 1986) and Alcan Prize (2004-2011). It is awarded to a scientist of any citizenship with an international reputation, not more than 50 years old, in recognition of fundamental or applied scientific achievements in any field which can contribute to progress in the aluminium conversion industry (material design, properties and applications, processing, enabling technologies, recycling) or, more broadly, in general metallurgical knowledge and innovation in engineering sciences linked to the production or implementation of metallic materials that could be useful to this industry. After having collected suggestions from various organisations and key people, the Academy of Sciences selects the recipient upon proposal of a committee consisting of members of the Academy of sciences and of the National Academy of Technology of France.

About Dr Jean-Marie Drezet

Dr Jean-Marie Drezet has been recognized for his work in the field of metallic alloy casting process and solidification modelling, especially on aluminium alloys. He is especially known for having developed and tested, under different configurations, a «hot tearing » criterion, in order to predict the occurrence of this type of solidification defect. He is also involved in the characterisation of high temperature mechanical behaviour of industrial as-cast products, for example by in situ measurements. The research achievements of EPFL/ LSMX laboratory led by Prof. Michel Rappaz with Dr Drezet’s contributions through collaborations with industry (including Constellium) allow to improve casting process performance and cast product quality, especially aluminium alloy rolling ingots and billets.