06 November 2012

Towards a new agenda for aerospace materials? Constellium to lead the debate at AIRTEC 2012

On Nov. 6 2012, Bruno Chenal, Constellium R&D Director, will chair a thought-leadership roundtable on Aerospace Advanced Materials gathering key actors from the industry.

AIRTEC  2012  will  host  on  November  6  a thought-leadership  roundtable  on  advanced  materials  for  the aerospace sector,  chaired  by  Bruno  Chenal,  Constellium Director for Research & Development.  The panel will bring together representatives from the value chain  to  understand the role of materials in delivering current and future requirements  in  terms  of  safety,  lightness,  fuel  consumption, cost-effectiveness and increasing build rates.

The  debate  will  also  focus  on  customers’ expectations and new drivers impacting  the  development  of  advanced  materials, such as environmental regulations,  standardization  of  processes  or  better  management  of production  cycles within the supply chain. While 2030 appear to be the new target date for the entry into service of the next new short range aircraft (NSR),  another  question  to  be  raised  at  this  roundtable is  the best approach to innovation in order to ensure both engineering of breakthrough solutions and on-time delivery.

At  Constellium,  we  have  a  focussed and strong innovation  agenda  as we know that advanced  materials  are  enablers  for  the entire value chain, whether it comes to achieving  innovative design  concepts or cutting manufacturing steps to reduce costs,” said Bruno Chenal.  “AIRWARE™, our latest technology, perfectly demonstrates our ability to meet the challenges of the aerospace industry in a highly demanding environment. The more we can collaborate with our customers, the more relevant our solutions. Aligning technology roadmaps across the value chain is what we really need today.

In addition to leading the roundtable on advanced materials, Constellium will fully take part in the AIRTEC 2012 International Aerospace Supply Fair from November 6 to 8 in Frankfurt/Main as new exhibitor showcasing AIRWARE™, its cutting-edge technology based on aluminium-lithium alloys.

About Constellium

Constellium, formerly Alcan Engineered Products, is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value added aluminium products and solutions for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, mass transportation, automotive, packaging, energy and building and construction.

With over 9,000 employees Constellium is structured in 3 divisions: Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industry (Global ATI); Specialty Sheet; Extrusions & Automotive Structures. Constellium, with headquarters in Paris, is owned by affiliates of Apollo Global Management (51%), Rio Tinto (39%) and the “Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement” FSI (10%). Constellium generated €3.6 billion of revenue in 2011.



AIRWARE™ is a breakthrough technology designed for all parts of an aircraft structure (fuselage, wings and tail fins). Drawing on a complex structure developed using nanotechnology, AIRWARE™ offers plane manufacturers three key properties: it is 25% lighter than conventional materials, making it possible to optimize the design of structural parts and reduce CO2 emissions; its superior resistance to corrosion and fatigue extends heavy maintenance intervals to 12 years; and its 100% recyclability makes a major contribution to a sustainable aerospace industry.

About AIRTEC’s roundtable on advanced materials

Taking place on November 6, the roundtable on advanced materials for aerospace led by Constellium is part of the 7th International Conference "Supply on the Wings" hosted by the AIRTEC 2012 International Aerospace Supply Fair.


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