29 January 2013

Constellium joins forces with the Technological Research Institute for Materials, Metallurgy and Processes - M2P IRT

Paris, 29 January 2013 – Constellium, a leader in the design and manufacturing of aluminium technologies, participates in the launch of the M2P Technological Research Institute (M2P IRT), through the metal Economic Interest Group (EIG) of which it is founding member. This new partnership is fully in line with the innovation strategy of Constellium aimed at addressing the major industrial challenges of the future.

The M2P IRT provides a unique platform for the transfer of technology from university to industry, oriented towards the transportation, energy and industrial markets.

The presence, through their EIG research, of two major French car manufacturers among the founding members of the M2P IRT will set a special focus on the automotive industry, perfectly consistent with Constellium’s areas of expertise: development of metal assemblies, life cycle analysis and recycling.

"The M2P IRT will certainly be a relevant partner for Constellium, and more specifically for the expertise we have developed in the field of aluminum structures dedicated to automotive applications. The projects implemented in partnership with this Technological Research Institute will notably help us to increase the performance of our innovative alloys dedicated to metal assemblies and to optimize the multi-material structures, with the ultimate goal of achieving weight reduction. Furthermore, this agreement will allow us to improve the vehicles’ life-cycle assessment tools and to develop measurement and separation techniques for aluminum parts recycling, " said Laurent Musy, President of the Specialty Sheet division of Constellium

As demonstrated by the partnership developed in the aerospace industry with the Jules Vernes IRT in Nantes, France, the commitment of Constellium alongside the M2P IRT will bring to fruition a series of technologies dedicated to the automotive industry, therefore highlighting the full potential of the aluminium solutions offered by the company.

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