25 March 2015

Constellium launches new website for the soft alloys extrusions market in Europe

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Constellium launched today a new website dedicated to the soft alloys extrusions market in Europe: http://softalloys.constellium.com

It features Constellium's portfolio, capabilities and services in four languages: English, French, German and Slovak.
 Our five plants located in Germany (Crailsheim, Landau, Burg), France (Nuits Saint Georges) and Slovakia (Levice) are geographically well positioned to serve European customers in the automotive, transport, industry, solar and building segments.

 “This new website presents our operations and broad extrusion offering in terms of dimensions, surfaces, tolerances and sizes,” said Anne Gauthier, Business Planning and Marketing Director of Soft Alloys Europe at Constellium.

 In a competitive market, Constellium stands out for having more than four decades of experience in engineering and applications. Throughout the process, Constellium maintains close and regular customer contact and provided advice and support, recognizing that these key factors illustrating our offer of reliable service.