10 July 2015

Constellium makes new progress on its sustainability agenda

Constellium has detailed its progress on sustainability in its recently published “Business and sustainability Performance Report 2014”.  The company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability began in 2012 with the definition of an ambitious roadmap made of commitments and targets on four main pillars: development and manufacturing of sustainable products; safety and skill development; reduction of the environmental impact of operations; and conducting business responsibly with respect to governance and supply chain.

Our 2014 sustainability achievements are:

  • We undertook a materiality assessment process that enabled our reporting to G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and that guides our sustainability approach
  • We achieved 13% of sales from innovative products, ahead of our 10% target
  • We conducted two full Life Cycle Asssessments on aluminium car hoods and beverage cans demonstrating significant advantages related to the use of aluminium and our products
  • Our employee contribution improved 58% ahead of the 50% goal
  • We improved our energy efficiency 10% one year ahead of plan
  • We achieved IS0 50001 certification in one additional site with all major European sites to follow suit during 2015

“The progress we continue to make is a proof of our commitment to sustainability. Every day, thanks to our people’s contributions and the cooperation with our external stakeholders, we make continuous advances on doing business responsibly and delivering sustainable products to the markets in which we operate,” said Ingrid Joerg, Chairwoman of the Constellium’s Sustainability Council and President of Constellium’s Aerospace and Transportation business unit.

Aluminium recycling is central to Constellium’s sustainability approach. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable without losing its properties and Constellium strives to make infinite recycling a reality. Constellium endorses the industry’s can recycling target for Europe of 75% and participates in the development and improvement of collection, sorting and recycling of beverage cans. Through the recent acquisition of Alabama-based Wise Metals, which recycles the equivalent of 14 billion cans per year, Constellium’s recycling capabilities have taken a new dimension on a global scale.

More details on our sustainability highlights and recycling approach are available online at www.business-sustainability.constellium.com