13 October 2015

Constellium presents three essentials to make infinite recycling a reality

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Aluminium is valuable at every stage of its life-cycle and can be endlessly recycled without loss of properties. “Going full circle – The life-cycle of aluminium” is the title of the new publication where Constellium presents three essentials to make infinite recycling a reality. Constellium believes that players, within and outside the aluminium industry, through better collaboration can foster good practices to ensure the highest possible value is delivered at every step of the value chain.

“This publication summarizes our approach to aluminium recycling and the way we want to contribute to increase it and how its performance should be measured,” said Catherine Athènes, Constellium Sustainability Council Leader. “The publication also illustrates why the appealing concept of the amount of recycled content in a given product can be misleading and even counterproductive to real progress in aluminium recycling.”

Constellium’s commitment to recycling and to working through partnerships is an integral part of the Company’s overall approach to sustainability - Altogether more sustainable.

Click on the document below to download Constellium’s publication entitled “Going full circle – The life-cycle of aluminium”:

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Recycling brochure - October 2015