31 August 2009

Alcan Engineered and Automotive Solutions awarded $750 million in new business for greener car components

Alcan Engineered & Automotive Solutions, part of Alcan Engineered Products – a business unit of Rio Tinto – is becoming a key player in the growing market for greener car components, having been awarded a total $750 million worth of multi-year contracts over the past twelve months for its innovative, lightweight aluminium solutions.

These contracts with several leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), in both premium and mass production markets, represent significant market share gains for our business,” said Christel Bories, President & CEO, Alcan Engineered Products. “As a result of our growth strategy of focusing on select markets over the last three years, we are becoming the preferred development and production supplier of advanced lightweight solutions during a high-growth period for these products.

Alcan Engineered & Automotive Solutions has been awarded more development projects in 2009 than it has in any other given year over the last decade.

The unprecedented downturn, lower production volumes, and major restructuring in the automotive industry have not detracted from the upcoming demand for greener vehicles. In light of environmental regulations, tax incentives, and volatile fuel prices, global car manufacturers recognise that developing low CO2 emission vehicles is a key success factor for the future.

Our global reach, world-class R&D centers, proven expertise, and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies in lightweight materials have been essential in establishing our solutions as smart design elements in tomorrow’s green cars, and I expect our strong market position to grow further in the Asian and North-American regions,” added Wolfgang J. Schmitz, President, Alcan Engineered & Automotive Solutions.

Alcan Engineered & Automotive Solutions offers its customers design, engineering, testing, and production of structural, safety, and suspension components and modules at its locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Its lightweight aluminium elements can be successfully incorporated into any vehicle assembly and provide substantial benefits in weight reduction, safety, and structural stiffness. This enhances total pedestrian and vehicle safety in addition to contributing to lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

Working in close partnership with its automotive customers, Alcan Engineered & Automotive Solutions ensures that they derive the full benefits of aluminium and other lightweight materials in vehicle development.

About Alcan Engineered Products

Alcan Engineered Products is a global, sector-leading business strongly committed to developing innovative, value-added products for a broad range of markets and applications. The portfolio consists of seven downstream businesses: aerospace, non commodity aluminium rolled products, aluminium extrusions, cable, composite products, automotive modules and international trade. Alcan Engineered Products is headquartered in Paris, France.

About Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group headquartered in the UK, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London and NYSE listed company, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Rio Tinto's business is finding, mining, and processing mineral resources. Major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, energy (coal and uranium), gold, industrial minerals (borax, titanium dioxide, salt, talc) and iron ore. Activities span the world but are strongly represented in Australia and North America with significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and southern Africa.


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