21 May 2012

Constellium sponsoring and participating at ASST 2012

One of the official sponsors of the event, Constellium will participate in the 6th Aluminium Surface Science & Technology (ASST) symposium taking place in Sorrento (Italy) from May 27th – May 31st, 2012.

About ASST 2012

The ASST symposium is the key scientific event gathering aluminium companies, surface treatment suppliers, industrial end-users, instrument manufacturers and researchers from the international scientific community, around scientific, technological and product-related aluminium surface issues and innovations.

The scope of the symposium encompasses all aspects of aluminium surface generation, characterization, modification, performance and development. The following scientific topics will be covered:


  • Automotive
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Joining
  • Non Anodic Applications
  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
  • Surface Treatments
  • Science, Technology & Methods
  • Lithography & Etching
  • Electrolytic Processing
  • Corrosion & Performance
  • Thermo-Mechanical Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Multi-materials design and performance
  • Environmental free aluminium surface treatments
  • Architectural design and performance
  • Aluminium corrosion modeling

The oral sessions will be complemented by poster sessions allowing all researchers to present their work.

About Constellium’s participation

Constellium, official sponsor of ASST 2012, will be represented by Hugh Dunlop, member of the organization committee and Senior Scientist at Constellium R&D Center in Voreppe (France) and by several other speakers and experts. Please find below the list of Constellium’s topics and interventions.

May 28th - Automotive session – Room Ulisse:

  • “Surface Roughness Exploration Methods”, 10.00 am

    P. Hervieu, S. Le-Roux, S. Riber, A. Golfouse, F. Cochet

  • “Resistance of Bright Anodised Aluminium Alloys to Alkaline Solutions”, 11.30 am

    M. A. Kulas, A. Afseth

  • Highlight Talk: “Corrosion and Surface Properties of Cu-free 7xxx-series Aluminium Alloys”, 2.30 pm

    M. A. Kulas, A. Afseth, E. Hank, H. Dunlop

  • Followed by “Aluminium Oxidation and Hydration Mechanisms and Kinetics in the Solid State”

    M. Boehm, M. Roux-Michollet , H. Dunlop

May 28th – Electrochemistry and inhibiting treatment session – Room Tritone:

  • “Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of Lean 7xxx Aluminium Alloy”, 10.00 am

    A. Afseth, H. Dunlop, M-A. Kulas

  • “Microstructural Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys: a Predictive FEM Model Based on Corrosion-Mimicking Experiments”, 4.40 pm

    O. Neel

May 29th - Heat exchangers session – Room Tritone:

  • Introductory remarks by Hugh Dunlop, 10.30 am
  • "In Situ Electrochemical Measurements During the OY Water Test Dedicated to Internal Corrosion of Automotive Heat Exchangers”, 11.40 am

    L. Peguet, M. Saint-Genis, M. Perrier, E. Perrin

May 30th - Keynote Lectures – Room Ulisse:

  • “Corrosion Performance and Mechanisms of Al-Cu-Li Alloys”, 9.00 am

    C. Hénon, S. Rouault, C. Sigli

* * * * *

Full oral and poster programs of the event available on ASST 2012 website.