06 July 2016

Constellium partners with Nespresso to recycle used aluminium capsules in Switzerland

Amsterdam, July 6, 2016 - Constellium was chosen by Nespresso, the renowned brand for coffee connoisseurs worldwide, to participate in the recycling of used capsules as part of Second Life, an innovative project conducted in Switzerland where Nespresso is headquartered. The campaign aims at integrating sustainability across Nespresso’s value chain by giving the colored coffee capsules a new life through aluminium recycling.

For Second Life, Constellium will lend its expertise in metal supply and recycling using its aluminium casting and rolling plant in Singen, Germany. The facility will be part of the transformation of the used capsules that were collected into new ones, as well as into iconic and quintessentially Swiss products that will be sold throughout the country for a limited period of time over the summer at Victorinox and Nespresso shops in Switzerland. 

“We are extremely proud to be working hand in hand with Nespresso to drive sustainability and innovation in Europe,” said Catherine Athènes, Constellium Sustainability Leader. “Recycling has always been an integral part of our business model and we are delighted that Nespresso selected us to lead the recycling of its coffee capsules.”

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable with no loss of property or downgrade in material integrity. As an industry leader in sustainability, Constellium strives to make this a reality by participating in collection, sorting and recycling initiatives in the markets it operates. 


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Constellium und Nespresso gehen Partnerschaft zum Recycling gebrauchter Aluminiumkapseln in der Schweiz ein
Constellium participe au projet de Nespresso de recyclage des capsules de café en aluminium en Suisse